Woolpert + CartoDB

Your location data can tell a rich story—and with CartoDB, we’re here to help narrate.

What Woolpert and CartoDB Bring to the Table

Your data in the cloud

Powerful visualization

Data insights and analytics

Live editing capabilities

Custom app development

GIS service integration

Discover insights regarding your data like never before while using CartoDB’s platform to host your geographic data in the cloud. CartoDB allows users to map data easily with countless customization opportunities. This flexible solution accepts numerous file types and provides various base map options—including first-party maps created from OpenStreetMap data, and maps available through CartoDB’s partnership with HERE. Most importantly, it is flexible and dynamic: changes made to the underlying data or symbology are reflected instantaneously by your CartoDB map.

With Woolpert’s rich understanding of geospatial processes and technology, we can help you not only use CartoDB, but also leverage it to create the best product possible. Our experts can work with you to develop apps and other tools using the data in CartoDB. This cost-effective way to host your data will avoid maintenance costs and the stress of supporting your IT infrastructure.

Woolpert’s already-existing solutions like SmartView Connect and our partnership with Google elevate our CartoDB partnership by offering you base maps with aerial imagery and opportunities to integrate your custom solution where you need it.

Your story needs to be told, so let’s get mapping.

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Jon Downey