The perfect storm for infrastructure managers has arrived—increased regulations, reduced funding, aging wet infrastructure and a focus on sustainability. Woolpert has worked with many of the nation’s largest cities, counties and utilities to improve the way they plan, design, operate and manage their assets. Our team is structured around our clients’ needs; this unique structure enables us to approach water regulatory compliance issues from a truly integrated perspective. We combine expertise in wastewater and stormwater management with advancements in asset management to arrive at the forefront of a new engineering paradigm.


We combine expertise in wastewater and stormwater management with advancements in asset management to arrive at the forefront of a new engineering paradigm.

Our clients must translate sustainable solutions into cost-effective strategies; we help them make informed decisions about infrastructure solutions based on sound science and EPA-approved methodologies. Additionally, Woolpert’s participation in industry organizations such as WEF, APWA, NACWA, NAFSMA and IECA, as well as our relationships with university researchers, state regulators, federal agencies and industry experts, help us to not only stay ahead of regulatory issues, but also influence the development of laws and regulations.


We’ve been providing high-quality and innovative wastewater services for more than 40 years by employing the most advanced design and modeling tools in the industry.


We provide clients with a host of services that meets and exceeds their regulatory, financial and sustainability challenges. We provide expertise in the following wastewater services:

  • Wastewater collection systems (gravity and low-pressure)
  • Pump stations and force mains
  • Wet weather equalization
  • Treatment process modifications
  • Reclaimed water transmission and distribution
  • Sewer rehabilitation design
  • Infiltration and inflow (I&I) investigations
  • Smoke testing, manhole inspection and dye trace testing
  • Pipe, manhole, pump and force main condition assessments
  • Integrated GIS/GPS/image/video capture in field data collection (no post-processing)
  • Seamless integration with GIS, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and hydraulic models
  • Advanced reporting
  • Permanent and temporary station set-ups
  • Remote queries and integration with IT systems
  • Engineering analysis of flow monitoring data for decision-making
  • Capacity studies
  • Flow models
  • Prioritized project identification
  • Wet weather programs
  • Utility and departmental performance optimization
  • BMPs for standard operating procedures
  • Asset management program and system implementation
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance BMPs
  • Establishing performance measures
  • Building GIS and asset inventory
  • Determining asset criticality
  • Condition assessments
  • Coordination with regulatory agencies and localities
  • Assistance with written reports and legal reviews

Woolpert also has the skills and experience you need to bring large diameter pipeline projects from concept to completion. We offer a full suite of large diameter pipe design services—from planning and design to condition assessment—that will support your project before, during and after construction.


We approach watershed management as a business—focusing on holistic programs, not individual activities or projects.


Our comprehensive suite of stormwater solutions gives Woolpert the flexibility to develop well-rounded watershed management programs for our clients. Woolpert’s stormwater services include:

  • Regulatory compliance for NPDES permits and TMDLs
  • Program development, implementation and auditing
  • Stormwater management and pollution prevention plans
  • Detailed floodplain mapping and management
  • Utility development
  • Funding mechanism development and maintenance
  • Quantity and quality master planning
  • Water monitoring and modeling programs
  • Asset management, system mapping and condition assessments
  • Green infrastructure and LID/LEED® project designs
  • Best management practice (BMP) design, implementation and testing