• One Year Later: South Carolina Flooding

    Go behind-the-scenes as Woolpert documents the groundbreaking disaster relief efforts employed immediately following the “thousand-year” rain in South Carolina last October. The video details actions Woolpert took in the wake of the flooding in which 36 dams failed, 19 people were killed and 20,000 people displaced. Woolpert collected perishable orthoimagery and lidar and was able to share that information on a website and app within 36 hours of the disaster. The speed with which Woolpert was able to pull this off translated to “real-time” help on the ground during the critical hours and days following this event. The video also provides lessons learned from this endeavor, and how states can better prepare for natural disasters such as this.

  • View Aerial Flooding Data

In addition to our press release, coverage and reports on the rains and flooding that hit South Carolina in October 2015, included:

Woolpert’s cutting-edge technological solutions have supported the emergency response for natural disasters in the past, and we are poised to help in the wake of Hurricane Joaquin. Our data collection and surveying services can aid in prioritizing mitigation projects based on the real needs of the community and can record and assess damage.

Emergency Response Experience: Hurricane Sandy

  • Our team collected before and after lidar data for over 250 square miles of coastline in New York, Virginia and Maryland after Hurricane Sandy. The data was used to visually evaluate, denote and quantify hurricane damage areas, provide change detection and begin remediation. Our firm was recognized nationally for the quality of our Hurricane Sandy response work.
  • Airborne Data Collection

    Woolpert can acquire before-and-after orthophotography, lidar and ultra-high-resolution (using our Renaissance imaging system) aerial maps through airborne collection technologies.

  • Field Data Collection and Surveying

    With more than 60 registered surveyors, and more than 160 technical and professional staff, Woolpert has the resources to meet urgent surveying needs.

  • Mobile Mapping System

    Woolpert collects detailed geospatial data through mobile mapping equipment mounted on vans, boats and ATVs—allowing safe, multi-modal collection for a variety of environments.

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

    Our UAS solutions make it possible to collect detailed spatial data over locations that are dangerous or inaccessible for traditional collection methods.

  • Secure Data Solutions

    Woolpert’s emergency response data can be provided on the cloud—providing secure, real-time access to data.

  • Contracting Vehicles

    Woolpert’s contracting vehicles provide federal agencies with access to Woolpert’s multidisciplinary services. We can draw on experts across the firm to make our emergency response solutions available quickly.

    Current Woolpert contracting vehicles include:

    • NOAA CSC
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    For immediate assistance, please contact:

    Hal Clarkson, Columbia, S.C. 803.214.5881 hal.clarkson@woolpert.com

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