Asset Management

Woolpert’s industry-leading asset management professionals bring extensive domestic and international experience, encompassing industry-leading best practices and proven asset/performance management tools, to your project. We help you maximize your assets’ life cycles through sustainable infrastructure strategies and investments, making it possible to achieve the operational efficiencies you envision.

Woolpert’s software solution partners include:


12 staff members certified by the Institute of Asset Management.


“As an early adopter in the U.S., Woolpert’s success demonstrates commitment and capability to serve the growing interest in asset management.”
—Ben Ross, IAM chief operating officer

With a vision, and the strategies in place behind the vision, your organization is well on its way to achieving what is referred to in the industry as “line of sight.”

We partner with industry-leading software providers to develop cost-effective solutions that complement your organization’s line of sight. From building information models (BIM) and service request management systems to analytical decision-making tools and beyond, count on Woolpert to meet all your asset management needs.

Woolpert provides many asset management services.

  • Consulting and program development with subject matter experts on PASS 55 AND ISO 55000
  • Enterprise asset management systems (EAM)
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) improvement and implementation
  • Enterprise system integration
  • Program and project management
  • Software audit, assessment and vendor selection


  • Risk analysis and capital improvement planning and forecasting
  • Custom application architecture and development
  • Cross-system integration analysis and development
  • Strategic planning
  • Utility performance and business process improvement
  • GIS/GPS design, implementation and data management
  • Mobility and workforce management


Woolpert’s asset management professionals co-authored the Best Practices in Asset Management alongside the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This document helped lead the future of the organization and provide an example for others.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM has been used for years to hasten facility design and construction. Woolpert uses BIM to provide better designs, and ultimately, better buildings. We will help you use the information contained in the BIM to manage your building more effectively over its lifecycle.

MARTA Amour Yard BIM

MARTA Amour Yard LiDAR scan used to create models

MARTA Amour Yard model on top of the LiDAR scan

Whether it’s during the initial building design or through state-of-the-art surveying of existing facilities, we can develop a BIM that incorporates the detailed data you need to effectively manage your crucial assets and infrastructure.

Facility management uses for BIM include:

  • Management of assets, maintenance, spaces, people and compliance requirements
  • Facility redesign
  • Security
  • Emergency access information


e311, an online service request management portal, enables local governments and utility agencies to proactively engage the community and agency employees in service requests, delivery and reporting. Additionally, e311 puts non-critical information, such as recycling pickup dates and times, at citizens’ fingertips. Woolpert’s e311 portal offers organizations a cost-effective, online alternative to traditional enterprise 311/CRM solutions. Leveraging advanced development utilities and web services, e311 is easily configurable to work with your existing work management workflows and permitting application solutions.


e311 offers:

  • Online submittal of requests
  • Real-time review of request status
  • Online review/mapping of planned and in-progress activities
  • Integration with multiple solutions

Infrastructure Optimization (IO)

With fewer dollars and resources available, doing more with less is a reality, but how do you manage this? Woolpert’s Infrastructure Optimization (IO) tool improves decision making for:

  • Rehabilitation and replacement (R&R) prioritization
  • Replacement material alternatives and associated cost impacts
  • Capital investments versus enhanced maintenance
  • Capital investment timing
  • Long-term fiscal alternatives
  • Short-term packaging for capital projects

IO is an ESRI ArcGIS extension/add-on that extends the functionality of your current work and asset management system. IO’s has four key tools:

Calculates an asset’s overall risk by determining the probability of failure, consequence of failure and redundancy

Tests different maintenance strategies and associated costs based on estimated effective lifetimes

Generates tabular and graphical R&R scenarios enabling decision makers to forecast infrastructure improvements, plan operating budgets and ensure sustainability

Produces executive-level, content-rich graphs and charts exportable to Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Reader

Check out these resources to see exactly how Woolpert is implementing and advancing our clients’ infrastructure optimization needs.

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