Regardless of the department and functions for which you are responsible, you face the issue almost daily of keeping things running efficiently and within a tight budget. There’s no question you need a lot of information to do your job, but do you have up-to-date and accurate information that’s easily accessible and tailored to fit your needs?

For decades, Woolpert has provided local and state government departments with the plans, data and systems that not only enable them to run efficiently and within budget, but that also gives them the means to inform and empower the public.

With the end user in mind, we develop solutions that help government organizations operate at optimal levels, connect with citizens and build confidence in their ability to serve.

We provide a host of tailored, scalable solutions that have a high return on investment for our state and local government clients—everything from data collection to storage and dissemination as well as permitting assistance and regulation identification and resolution.

Woolpert provides the following services to our local and state government clients:

    • Aerial mapping
    • Architecture
    • Asset management
    • EPA regulatory compliance
    • Engineering
    • Geospatial technologies
    • Planning
    • Surveying
    • Sustainable design