How a Summer at Woolpert can Jump-Start Your Career


Annual interns-versus-leadership wiffle ball game (interns won!)

Here at Woolpert, we have been mentoring young professionals for over 30 years and are committed to helping them gain practical, hands-on industry experience. Our interns become a vital part of our team—and our family—from day one.

From lunch-and-learns to wiffle ball tournaments, Woolpert’s internship program will be the highlight of your summer. Woolpert interns have the chance to drive their careers from the very start of the program—and that doesn’t mean making coffee or running copies.

We offer opportunities in virtually every area of our business. From architecture, engineering and geospatial disciplines to support services, there are various possibilities within Woolpert to explore. Our goal is to ensure all interns learn and practice new skills, both professionally and personally.

Emily O’Flynn, Ohio University communications major, spent the summer of 2017 as an intern for Woolpert’s Marketing Communications team. “From my first day in the office, I was assigned different real-life tasks which were attainable, yet challenged my problem-solving skills,” she explained. “The first project I really owned was an internal communication project that focused on onboarding client-facing employees. This project enhanced my skills in the communications industry and I appreciated being assigned responsibilities that made me feel like more than just an intern.”

Woolpert’s overarching mindset is to provide interns with a sense of purpose during the summer. Each intern is given real-world tasks to accomplish, from conducting market research or editing images to drafting case studies, working with project engineers or supporting clients. We strive to create valuable experiences for everyone involved, both inside and outside the office.

Our robust work assignments come with a number of perks, such as professional mentoring, structured professional development and nationwide collaboration with more than 25 regional offices. And our extremely popular lunch-and-learns give interns an opportunity to meet and interact with the firm’s top leaders.


In addition to career growth opportunities, Woolpert is proud to offer great personal benefits. As part of our family, interns receive holiday pay, flextime and recognition through award programs. Plus, our summer softball team leads the league every year!

Woolpert’s values, beliefs, attitudes and mindset are built into our workplace culture. This culture drives the company’s decisions, interactions and momentum. We look to our interns to continue this culture throughout the summer, and we love to transition interns into full- and part-time employees at the end of their programs. In fact, some of our senior leadership even began their careers as interns for Woolpert!


Lunch-and-learn with top Woolpert decision-makers.


“I began interning at Woolpert when I was still in high school—and I’ve been there for more than 30 years since,” said Senior Vice President and Government Solutions Market Director, Jeff Lovin. “During my time as a Woolpert intern, I honed my technical skills and learned how to succeed in the business world. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity—or experience,” Lovin explained. “And it paid much better than bagging groceries,” he joked.

Woolpert is one of the country’s fastest-growing AEG companies. We’re excited to bring young professionals into our family as a step towards full-time employment. Visit our Careers page to view our latest openings (not restricted to summer!), or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn



Sam Finke is a talent recruiter with Woolpert. She leads the firm’s internship program and can be found popping up at college career fairs across the Midwest.