In Search of Tomorrow’s Amelia Earhart


Some people see aircraft overhead and immediately cringe at the thought of airport security lines. Yet others have a completely different response: they contemplate the wonder of flight, the innovations that make flight possible and how aviation opens doors to the future. They dream of airplanes and spacecraft, investigate world-changing drone technology and thirst to fly planes themselves.

This second perspective of wonder and hope is what Woolpert, as a company, holds dear. And it’s why one of our own recently jumped at an opportunity to connect with young women interested in the promises of aviation.

Edith Boiquaye, Woolpert Aviation Planner and proud Purdue University alum, recently encouraged and mentored young ladies at the Women in Aviation’s “Girls in Aviation Day” held at Purdue University Airport. Sponsored in part by Woolpert, this annual event provides girls in grades three through eight with an opportunity to attend seminars led by female aviation professionals, examine aircraft displays and participate in aviation-focused STEM activities.

Excited to expose potential Amelia Earharts to an entirely different world of technology and innovation, Edith shared her work experience during a panel discussion with middle-school girls. Though many women from the aviation industry helped at the event, Edith stood apart as the only aviation planner in attendance, bringing particularly valuable insights to attendees.

“We went around the panel describing our jobs,” she explained, “and we encouraged the girls to tackle their own endeavors.”

Many of the future aviators’ questions touched on the difficulty of the field. Edith easily allayed that concern when she explained that “while jobs in aviation are difficult, if you enjoy it, you can certainly push through.” She also explained that “having support is important, especially from other women in the industry. Many women don’t consider work in aviation, but the jobs are very interesting.”

Woolpert plans to be involved in and sponsor this truly forward-thinking event every year. With a strong track project track record at Purdue University Airport, the firm is deeply invested in the airport—and the people who work there. Our entire company believes in expanding the horizons of all promising students. We believe in aviation, and we believe in women.