What is AEG?

In a single word—Woolpert. We are AEG. We are architecture, engineering and geospatial problem solvers.

We establish and survey controls and capture imagery virtually anywhere. We process, store and manage that data in countless formats and deliverables, then develop programs and planning initiatives. We assess current facilities and natural conditions, measure and control energy use and optimization, and then design fully upon it, both horizontally and vertically. We can do so much more, but let’s start here.

Three simple letters, loaded with depth and substance. While the concept can be complicated to understand, our subject matter experts are skilled at interpreting and discussing it in easy-to-understand terms.

Not only do we employ the best and brightest AEG minds, but we also have strategic consultants who listen to and stand up the best solutions to drive ROI and marketplace differentiation. Our committed staff is passionate about our AEG differentiation.

The market buzzes about innovation and hollow trends, but what we do is anything but hollow. We do real innovation, every day. We provide real solutions for real clients.

We are driven by the opportunity to craft solutions, not collect fees. We are moving the world forward through forward thinking. We are making a difference with three simple letters.

Let Woolpert demonstrate what AEG can mean to you.

Todd Duwel

As Woolpert’s Building Sector Leader, Todd advances the built environment through informed, integrated design and proven programmatic strategies.