Woolpert provides high-resolution digital mapping to help clients build their national maps and spatial data infrastructure. We use specially equipped survey aircraft to collect both foundation and infrastructure mapping data. Foundation mapping products offer consistent, accurate coverage of entire nations or regions, while infrastructure mapping products capture greater detail and accuracy by covering major urban areas and cities of all sizes.

We have carefully selected imagery and elevation products that support the following government, industrial and scientific applications:


    • Defense
    • Environment
    • Land Management
    • Public Health
    • Statistical Census
    • Taxation
    • Transportation


    • Construction
    • Energy
    • Engineering
    • Logistics
    • Mining
    • Real Estate
    • Telecommunications


    • Agriculture
    • Culture
    • Demographics
    • Forestry
    • Health
    • Geoscience
    • Wildlife Habitat


Woolpert’s bundled data products exceed the limits of what can be delivered by commercial satellite imagery at competitive prices. Data is available under several attractive licensing levels that range from Title 50 perpetual-use government purpose agreements to cloud-based subscription services. Because our focus is on national mapping, we also offer host nation sponsors deep discounts on their national mapping data.

Bundles are designed to fit a variety of requirements and budgets. We recommend the NationMap bundle for national governments, and we strongly suggest adding the CityMap bundle. Organizations needing only elevation or imagery data for specific areas can use an annual subscription to connect to our managed data service through a GIS platform.


Online ordering, coverage maps and data availability will be accessible through woolpert.com in 2018. Please contact us directly for more information or to place an order.

800.414.1045 | nationmap@woolpert.com