Google Maps Platform Updates Blog Series - Blog #3: How Woolpert Can Help


Important Update: Following the publication of this blog, Google provided new dates for the Maps Platform transition. Please note the following changes:

  • June 11 –  New APIs and other capabilities of Maps Platform become available. Google begins blocking keyless usage. Standard plan rates continue.
  • July 16 – New pricing model goes into effect. Standard plan rates end.

See Google’s Important Updates page for more details.

Date: May 31, 2018

Author: Rick Bennett

Whether you are a legacy Google Maps customer or a startup building your first app, Woolpert is here to help you transition to Google Maps Platform. Everything we do at Woolpert has a geospatial aspect—mapping is in our DNA. Our team of experts can help you discover how Google Maps Platform fits into your mapping strategy and help you optimize for the future.

We can guide your team to design a solution that fits the needs of your users and your management. Our deep knowledge of mapping technologies, will help you envision how Google’s APIs help solve location-based problems and provide a meaningful experience for your users. From placing markers on a map to integrating GIS data sources and running advanced analytics, we’re here to help you succeed on Google Maps Platform.

If you’re already using Google Maps, we can help you prepare for the changes. We’ll examine your usage to understand how the new pricing model impacts your costs. Our developers can assist your team to optimize your code and take advantage of new features.

One of the benefits of Google Maps Platform over the previous licensing models is it aligns your Maps usage with the rest of Google Cloud. Additionally, changes to Google’s Terms of Service break down the walls between use cases and empower you to use the Maps APIs in some scenarios that were previously forbidden. Maps is now another set of APIs you can enable on any of your cloud projects to leverage Google’s location data in your software. And the new billing structure lets you take advantage of volume discounts across multiple projects. Our team of Google Certified Professionals can help you build out your cloud infrastructure and identify best practices for organizing your organization’s GCP resources.

For more information on how Woolpert can help with your Google Maps Platform needs, contact us at

-Rick Bennett