U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Memorial a Labor of Love, Dedication, Honor

On Wednesday, May 4, an enthusiastic audience of more than 500 military and civilian Air Force Civil Engineer professionals and partners, past and present, took part in the United States Air Force Civil Engineer Memorial Dedication Ceremony at the National Museum of the United States Air Force Outdoor Memorial Park near Dayton, Ohio. Woolpert was honored to be part of this project and ceremony, here in our headquarters’ backyard.

This “living” memorial is one that will welcome and honor hundreds of thousands of past, present and future Air Force community visitors each year. It features a large world map depicting more than 470 military installations where Air Force civil engineers serve and have served in support of vital mission sets since 1947. This map will be updated periodically as Air Force installations change status (from active to inactive or vice versa) and as additional Air Force installations open.

In support of the memorial plaza, Woolpert’s Kelly Stedman and Igor Caus produced the structural and civil layout and concrete design drawings and specifications. Peter Giessel, formerly of Woolpert, designed the foundation to support the four showcase granite monuments. This included the main 15-foot-by-10-foot granite world map, which was made possible by the GIS expertise and imagery of Woolpert’s Vince Sclafani, Andrew Etherington and Tim Chrismer. Ben Blumensheid, Julia Kolb and Toni Jenkins provided additional marketing and administrative support.


As Woolpert’s federal market Air Force program director and an Air Force Civil Engineer Memorial Committee member, I was honored to serve as the local design and construction administrator, coordinating the effort between the committee and local construction company. I have served the Air Force Civil Engineer Center as a senior CE officer in the leadership tier and now through Woolpert’s direct Air Force contract partnership, working on many Air Force installations. This project was so personally meaningful to me and many of us at Woolpert, especially here in Dayton, where Woolpert was founded in 1911.

I think Woolpert Vice President and Federal Market Director Doug Brown said it best when he noted what it means for Woolpert to be part of this historic memorial plaza.

“We are honored to have contributed to this outstanding project from all corners of Woolpert, involving our architects, engineers and geospatial specialists from offices across the country,” Doug said. “Helping this conceptual design become a reality and celebrating the Air Force Civil Engineer community reflects the work we do at Woolpert every day.”

We thank our partners at the Air Force and Air Force Museum, as well as those from Woolpert who attended the ceremony with me this week, many of whom also have served the Air Force. In addition to Doug, a former USAF CE officer, the group included Tim Hale, who represented our GIS team; Rebecca Knolle, a former USAF CE officer; John Martin; Morgan Grohol, a former USAF CE officer; Anthony Williams, a former USAF CE officer and current Reservist who represented our Fairview Heights civil engineers; Wayne Kinsel, a retired USAF CE officer; and Ben Blumensheid.

Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and Air Force program director who works out of Woolpert’s Dayton, Ohio, office.

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