City of Hampton Consent Order Program Management


Since 2008, Woolpert has been assisting the City of Hampton, Va., with several regional consent order (RCO) tasks to control sanitary sewer overflows.

  • Flow evaluation report
  • CMOM program—developed in accordance with EPA 2001 CMOM documents, guides the city in making improvements to operations and maintenance practices to reduce sanitary sewer overflows
  • Annual report preparation
  • SSES Plan—developed based on the results of the flow evaluation report; prioritized system-wide plan to conduct SSES field investigations to locate sewer system defects causing excessive inflows and infiltration (I&I)
  • Regional hydraulic model
  • City system hydraulic model—separate model of city’s gravity sewer system; will be used to perform capacity assessment during dry weather flow conditions
  • Regional wet weather management plan—regional approach to significantly reduce the occurrence of SSOs through a combination of I&I reductions, wet weather storage and capacity expansion

City of Hampton

Hampton, VA