JAC Runway 1-19 Reconstruction


This project began as a simple runway rehabilitation, but after coordinating with the FAA and JAC, Woolpert determined the effort required further evaluation. Additional analysis proved that the runway, not updated since 1987, required an in-depth, multiphase reconstruction.

In phase I, Woolpert evaluated the existing runway pavement sections, airfield compliance with FAA standards, and potential surface runoff collection and mitigation/treatment systems (for future runoff that may contain de-icing products). Phase 2 included producing environmental documentation, soils testing, and environmental modeling. Woolpert coordinated with Grand Teton National Park, the FAA, Wyoming Department of Transportation, and JAC to ensure the runway project, and the airport’s next three to five years of capital improvement projects (including the potential runoff treatment system), met all environmental standards.



JAC’s location within Grand Teton National Park required a higher degree of environmental stewardship. To meet this need, heated pavement was installed to reduce de-icing product application and eliminate the need for a capture system along the edge of the runway.

Lastly, Woolpert not only helped the airport compete for end-of-year federal discretionary funds, but also facilitated grant application, preparation, and filing. As a result, JAC was awarded discretionary funds totaling $28 million in year-end grants.

Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)

Jackson, WY