Project Details

Simon Malls

Indianapolis, IN


The Fashion Mall at Keystone houses numerous upscale vendors and takes pride in being a prestigious shopping destination in the Indianapolis metro area. This modern facility attracts thousands of guests monthly and maintains a reputation of sophistication. It is considered the heart of the Keystone district.

Constructed with two levels in two buildings, the mall relies on a glass archway, “The Crossing,” to connect the structures. This unique archway bridges four lanes of uniquely lighted roadway providing access to the many office buildings in the northern portion of the development. To keep traffic flowing around this important structure, Woolpert designed the roadway and traffic routing under the Crossing.


Woolpert experts also designed several new amenities including the patio for outdoor dining as part of a new food court section.


This remodel added many features that allowed for outdoor dining and adaptions to changing weather conditions. Several new storefronts were also added along the face of the mall to feature outdoor patio displays and dining establishments.

We provided the following services:

    • Boundary and topographic surveys
    • Utility design/coordination
    • Stormwater control design
    • Site grading/landscape coordination
    • Parking lot reconfiguration
    • ADA study and adaptation