Monitoring Program Support


Woolpert is a valued partner and advisor to the City of Kissimmee in support of its development of a robust water quality monitoring program with YSI’s Integrated System and Services group. The program consists of manual sample collections and water quality/quantity data that is continuously generated at 24 monitoring stations located strategically throughout the city.

Woolpert helped the city leverage its continuous data to comply with requirements in the Lake Tohopekaliga Nutrient Reduction Plan by performing a historical data analysis and pilot watershed loading study. Woolpert applied a proven regression-based approach to estimate nutrient concentrations by using historical laboratory and continuous water quality data. The watershed nutrient loads were established by adding in the city’s continuous flow rate data. Correlations defined by regression equations, laboratory results and the city’s continuous data were identified, and those relationships were used to generate estimates of phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations for watershed load disaggregation. Woolpert further documented additional observations from historical data mining related to infrastructure maintenance and illicit discharges and provided a variety of program-wide monitoring recommendations.

Woolpert hosts the city’s continuous water quality and flow data through a Vista Data Vision (VDV) platform. The VDV platform and Woolpert’s experience enables remote network oversight and quality control services, such as parameter threshold exceedance alerts, daily water quality and stage summaries, and bi-weekly website reviews to detect sensor anomalies and potential biological responses to water quality conditions, such as eutrophication. Woolpert’s data management expertise allows for interpretation of the data that can be customized for different areas of the city. Data observations are communicated via email to the city and compiled/archived into a shared Google Sheet. Woolpert also worked with the city to develop separate login credentials for public accessibility of portions of the data.

Following YSI recommendations, Woolpert now provides data management and quality control services to the city’s continuous and discrete discharge datasets. Flow rate data had previously been managed in many spreadsheets organized by year and by site. By using Aquarius, database management software developed by Aquatic Informatics, Woolpert helps the city provide data to third parties, such as regulatory agencies, neighboring communities and design engineers.

As Woolpert has fostered a symbiotic relationship with the city and YSI, the firm has been able to provide additional consulting services to both entities, including troubleshooting datalogger programming and telemetry issues, updating the system with new sensors and developing new procedures for addressing station connectivity issues.

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