Project Details

Prince William County Service Authority

Prince William County, VA


The Prince William Service Authority is an independent water and wastewater utility that serves over 400,000 citizens in Prince William County, VA. The Authority’s 1970s-era infrastructure contains over 2,200 miles of pipeline moving more than 56 million gallons of water and 43 million gallons of wastewater every day.

To meet the business requirements of the Authority’s Engineering and Planning Departments, Woolpert implemented Cityworks’ permitting, license and land system (PLL). Woolpert launched the project to utilize Esri’s geographic information system platform by performing discovery on topics related to asset management, PLL and data migration. Woolpert then assessed key business processes to create the foundation of a configuration document and circumscribed the details of the system configuration. After integrating the PLL software with existing system applications and databases, Woolpert conducted end-user training and provided go-live support.