Project Details

Southbank Partners

Ludlow, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, Fort Thomas and Covington, KY


For more than a decade, the Riverfront Commons project has employed Woolpert’s full suite of services—and our full suite of experts in several markets and disciplines. Riverfront Commons began as a grand vision that translated into a Woolpert-created master plan in 2004. The plan laid the groundwork for a pedestrian, bicycle and public open space corridor linking existing and planned open spaces, activity nodes and development sites. This 11-mile river walk will connect—and economically and socially enhance—six cities in Kentucky along the Ohio River.

Woolpert’s Riverfront Commons project connects communities and families with nature—and with one another.

By involving so many services, from engineering to design to geospatial, this project has evolved into a comprehensive endeavor that has showcased Woolpert at its highest potential.

The scope of the project continues to evolve and expand. Woolpert is assisting the client with grant applications, government support, community involvement and buy-in. While the company itself has contributed greatly to the success of this project, we have also worked to equip our client with the best solutions possible to prepare them for success upon project completion.