Project Details

US Army Contracting Command Korea

Pyeongtaek, Republic of Korea (ROK)


Woolpert was contracted to complete an airfield obstruction survey at Desiderio Army Airfield, located on the United States Army Garrison (USAG)-Humphreys in the Republic of Korea (ROK). The Army’s two main objectives were to comply with regular data update requirements and identify an airspace analysis dataset that could support planning efforts at USAG-Humphreys.  Woolpert utilized applicable US military planning and design specifications identified in United States Army Aeronautical Services Agency (USAASA), Army Regulation 95-2 and Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 3-260-1 to complete this complicated operation in the ROK.

Woolpert performed a comprehensive geodetic control survey of the existing airfield features and conditions (including NAVAIDS, runway ends, helipad center and vertical profiles of runways/helipads). We also collected and compiled aerial photography, developed an airfield obstruction chart (AOC) and validated existing obstacles.

Despite being intimately familiar with the technical aspects of AOC surveys for the US military, Woolpert had to make adjustments for this particular mission. Special considerations were necessary to coordinate the United States Forces Korea (USFK) and ROK government agencies controlling airspace access, work visas and sensitive data exportation. Woolpert worked closely with local surveying and aerial acquisition subcontractors to deliver the same high-quality products and services the US military is accustomed to receiving from Woolpert’s usual extensive planning, design and geospatial service offerings.