Another Wave of UAS Pilots Certified for Woolpert

April 19, 2017

DAYTON, Ohio (April 19, 2017) — Just a month after reporting its number of Federal Aviation Administration-certified unmanned aerial systems (UAS) pilots had grown by four, Woolpert announced another three pilots have been added to the fold.

Peter Miller, Ryan Grantonic and Laila Barr have joined Aaron Lawrence, Ethan Schreuder, Kris Froiland, Joel Doughty and Rich Gerdeman as Woolpert commercial UAS/drone pilots.

The three new pilots are among five located at the architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) firm’s Dayton headquarters, while three others are at offices in Chicago, Denver and Columbia, S.C.

“All of our UAS pilots are subject matter experts in a variety of capacities here at Woolpert, so looking at UAS from their points of view helps us identify new applications for this medium,” said Aaron Lawrence, the firm’s UAS technology manager. “For example, having a lidar technician like Ryan (Grantonic) flying a UAS offers a different perspective than someone with a design background like Laila (Barr). We’re leveraging our extensive, diverse industry experience to adopt alternative methodologies for UAS collection.”

Froiland and Schreuder are survey technicians, Doughty is an engineering technician, Gerdeman is an engineering phase manager and a private pilot, and Miller is among the firm’s nine airplane pilots.

Woolpert was the first surveying and aerial mapping company to be approved to fly a UAS commercially in designated airspace in December 2014.

About Woolpert

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