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At over 50 years old, the synthetic turf industry continues to evolve and improve. New technologies and various infill options combine with shock and drainage pads to mimic the playability of the natural turf field while providing durable, economical and safe surfaces for play.

As synthetic turf for municipal parks and recreation departments gains in popularity, owners and designers alike must understand the nuances of various turf products. From performance criteria, construction costs and maintenance best practices to methods and techniques for positioning for capital dollars, new and replacement turf projects are only as successful as the match-up between the project’s needs and the material’s capabilities.

Our colleague, Todd Ford, recently penned a thought-provoking article on the natural-versus-synthetic turf debate, as well as a blog on selecting the right style of turf for your athletic field. Peruse this great content, and then join us for a live educational presentation on turf trends and lessons learned at the SCRPA/NCRPA joint conference.

“Synthetic Turf—Lessons Learned from the Owner/Designer”
Wednesday, September 18 | 9:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Room 108

With speakers from the City of Rock Hill, S.C.:
Bill Berry, Maintenance Superintendent
Adam Scull, Manchester Meadows Park Supervisor

Carl Armanini, PLA, ASLA

Carl is an accomplished landscape architect with over 35 years of experience. He is often pursued as a choice resource for difficult and demanding sports field projects.

Katie Thayer, PLA, ASLA

Katie combines her expertise in horticulture with landscape architecture knowledge to design gardens and develop bioretention planting plans for parks and recreation departments.