Woolpert Hires Professional Engineer Jon Wiley for Transportation Market

CINCINNATI (May 2, 2018) — Woolpert hired Professional Engineer Jon Wiley as a project manager in the Roads and Bridges Design practice of its Transportation market. Wiley brings more than 32 years of experience in transportation planning and corridor improvement to the firm, as well as an aptitude for identifying solutions tailored to communities.

Wiley said he was drawn to Woolpert by the people and the combination of resources available to the firm.

“Everyone I’ve met wants to help—they want to know what they can do to help and how they can help move the firm forward. The first thought is proactive: How can we get this done,” Wiley said. “Also, the combination of resources was appealing—engineering, architecture and landscape is powerful, but I’m really excited to see how we can integrate the geospatial and other technologies to better understand our projects and improve our ability to deliver quality projects and help our clients make better decisions.”


Woolpert Roads and Bridges Practice Leader Ron Mattox, PE, said what makes Wiley stand out among his peers is his focus on the client.

“Jon communicates well and listens to clients so he fully understands their needs; he is very client-focused,” Mattox said. “He always asks, ‘What is the best solution for the client given their needs and limitatons? What can be done?’”

Mattox added that Wiley’s successful and extensive experience with multiple major clients will support the firm’s work with departments of transportation, airports, municipalities and more.

“Jon has been a team leader on a wide variety of projects ranging from traffic engineering to highway design to transportation planning to bicycle and pedestrian facility work,” Mattox said. “His skill set and his positive outlook make Jon an outstanding asset to our team.”

Wiley said he enjoys working on trails, complete streets and other multi-modal projects that affect people every day. He is especially looking forward to challenging corridor improvement projects with Woolpert. He said he likes variety—both in types of projects and in projects that require a variety of different disciplines to complete.

“My first week here found me working on a proposal for a complex roadway improvement,” Wiley said. “I was able pull input from bridge engineers, roadway designers, surveyors and even landscape architects to help put together a multifaceted project approach.”

Wiley, who earned his civil and environmental engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati, is a member of several professional organizations. These include the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE), Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS).

He said he hopes this position with Woolpert can help him make a difference.

“I believe transportation projects can transform communities, not just reducing crashes or delay, but improving the quality of life by making transportation safer, more reliable and reflect the unique character of each community,” Wiley said. “Good transportation engineering involves finding better, more efficient ways to solving our transportation needs. That’s what I’m here to do.”

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