Woolpert Recognized by Esri as 20-year Cornerstone Partner

April 7, 2017

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (April 7, 2017) — Woolpert was honored during the 2017 Esri Partner Conference for the firm’s 20-year partnership with Esri. As a Cornerstone Partner, Woolpert has demonstrated its dedication and commitment to Esri, the geographic information system (GIS) community and the success of its mutual customers.

The annual conference heldn Palm Springs, Calif., provides business and networking opportunities as well as the chance for Esri and its partners to discuss GIS industry trends.

Woolpert—a national architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) company—performs geospatial consulting to help clients install, manage and leverage Esri software in multiple markets.

“We recommend Esri for clients whenever it makes sense, and that is often,” said Marianne Cardwell, senior geospatial team leader at Woolpert. “We also use Esri software to drive our internal data maintenance, management and dissemination processes, and we leverage that expertise for our clients.”

This partnership milestone was significant, according to Cardwell, especially given where the industry stood two decades ago.

“The state of information technology, GIS and Esri have come a long way over the years,” she said. “Our long-standing partnership with Esri shows a commitment to the geospatial industry by both firms, as well as our investment in Esri’s products.”

Cardwell said she appreciates Esri’s recent innovations focused on big data, real-time GIS and distributed computing. She said it is gratifying to see that Esri’s platform and GIS as a capability are becoming mainstream “systems of engagement.”

Daniel Feinberg, a spatial enterprise architect at Woolpert, highlighted how Esri and Woolpert work together to help their shared clients realize maximum value from the implementation of the Esri ArcGIS Platform.

Esri Partner Manager Frank Martin said Esri’s revitalized brand platform, The Science of Where, defines the firms’ shared vision of GIS.

“Esri appreciates Woolpert’s longevity and dedication as a partner, and commitment to supporting the needs of the GIS community,” Martin said.

Woolpert’s understanding of federal, state, local and commercial markets, coupled with Esri’s guidance on ArcGIS Platform implementation, help ensure clients realize value from powerful, performant, scalable and sustainable business-aligned GIS solutions.

“There is an understanding about the technology and software platform from both sides that has matured over the years,” Feinberg said. “Sometimes the biggest challenge for a customer is, ‘Where do I start with the Esri Platform?’ Esri and Woolpert’s shared history enables us to quickly get to the heart of the matter, matching their needs with the ArcGIS Platform.”

Cardwell said she and her team, who “live and breathe geography,” have enjoyed working with Esri over the years.

“Many of us collect atlases and globes, and I have bought pretty much every map puzzle I’ve ever come across,” Cardwell said. “We are total geo-geeks and really love this stuff, which just enriches our geospatial work.”

She said Woolpert is looking forward to another 20 years in this partnership.

“Esri is sometimes referred to as ‘the best kept secret,’ since they’ve built the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software in the world in ArcGIS, but they’re not yet a household name. It’s just a matter of time.”

Woolpert was one of 16 firms honored for partnering with Esri for 20 years at this year’s event.

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