Woolpert study assesses Scott air base economic impact

November 29, 2011

MASCOUTAH, Ill. (AP) – A study suggests that Scott Air Force Base’s economic impact on southwestern Illinois has grown by almost $900 million over the past decade to more than $3 billion.

The Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois unveiled those findings by Woolpert Inc. on Tuesday. It’s the first such study since a 2001 one found that the site contributed $2.1 billion in value to the region.

According to the latest study, more than 136,000 area residents benefit directly from employment at or retirement from the base or through goods or service jobs provided to the base.

Scott has almost 5,800 active-duty military and 2,000 Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members, as well as more than 3,100 federal civilian employees and 2,400 non-appropriated fund contract civilians and private business employees.

Article published by Chicago Tribune at–scottairbase-economicimpact,0,5838992.story