Construction Services

Construction services pivot on construction engineering and inspection. Why? CEI protects the owner’s financial investment. Delays negatively impact project success and escalate costs. That’s why Woolpert provides independent, third-party oversight of construction teams as they transform design sheets into safe and functional real-world structures.

Going from design to deliverable safely, economically, and correctly requires the expertise and intervention of veteran construction managers and inspectors. With a vision accrued over more than 300 years of collective (and complicated!) project experienceWoolpert’s CEI experts regularly serve as on-site owner representatives, providing oversight from construction initiation to the delivery of final as-built drawings. Our CEI teams include resident engineers, engineer-led inspection teams, and on-site construction engineers who collaborate daily with contractors to address unanticipated issues with weather, subsurface utility lines, pipelines, or design complications. Woolpert’s construction inspectors work at project sites daily, assuring that contractor teams adhere to preapproved designs and use best-practice construction methods. Our CEI experts also monitor traffic control to maintain safe construction zone traffic routing. Their recommendations are built on extensive knowledge of constructability and broad experience with government regulations and requirements.

Witchduck Road Expansion Phase II

West Point Elementary School

Great Bridge Primary School Modernization

Orlando Sanitary Sewer Collection System Lift Station 2 Improvements

Lincoln County Water Lines and Booster Pump Station

The Proscenium

Castlewood Subdivision Stormwater Drainage Design

Cottage Grove East Drainage and Paving Improvements

Beltway 8 Ship Channel Bridge

Photovoltaic Array Design-Build

Slope Failure Repair

Norris Cut 60-Inch Force Main/Micro-Tunnel


  • ADA ramp assessment and inventory
  • Change order management
  • Constructability reviews
  • Construction inspection
  • Construction management
  • Document preparation and management
  • DOT and ASTM compliance
  • Final construction record review
  • Labor compliance
  • On-site construction inspections
  • On-site materials testing
  • PASER rating
  • Program management
  • Project controls
  • Project scheduling
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Stormwater erosion control inspection
  • Submittal management
  • Uncrewed aircraft systems