University of North Carolina at Charlotte Quadrangle Site Design

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Quadrangle Site Design
  • UNC-Charlotte Campus Planning Department
  • Charlotte, NC

The Belk, Rowe Art, and Library quadrangles at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) are located at the center of campus, between several classroom buildings. The spaces did not function well for campus uses and contained few, if any, walkways—making them nearly inaccessible for students with disabilities. As part of a new development and addition to the campus, UNCC decided to renovate the quads to provide more functional spaces for students and staff and create a central point on campus that anchored the older and newer portions and enhanced the surrounding landscape.

Woolpert redesigned the spaces to adhere to the university’s master plan, maintaining cohesion and continuity throughout the campus. Specific features of the project included:

  • Completion of a quad master plan and concept study
  • Development of a gathering plaza
  • Connectivity of pedestrian linkage corridors
  • Establishment of a center campus focus area
  • Multi-use spaces for gathering and events
  • An outdoor amphitheater and teaching area

Along with the design of the quads, Woolpert also provided other site design assistance, including:

  • An intramural complex design for multiple sports
  • A new soccer complex
  • Campuswide utility updates

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