Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Woolpert’s uncrewed aircraft systems make it easier to acquire detailed spatial data over dangerous or inaccessible locations. We merge traditional data collection techniques with untraditional uncrewed aircraft to provide robust UAS services. Capitalizing on internal capabilities and strategic partnerships, we optimize the entire UAS workflow—from sensor selection, calibration, and collection to processing and dissemination.

By the Numbers


Part 107 pilots


Mobilization offices


Fixed-wing and VTOL systems (with access to ~1,500)


Surveying and mapping company to receive
Section 333 exemption

What we are doing:

Safety: We capitalize on opportunities to acquire capabilities that help agencies conduct their missions more effectively and with less risk.

Support: By participating in working groups, we are helping to develop UAS plans and capability development documents detailing the tactics, techniques, and procedural requirements necessary to support UAS operations.

Oversight: Our teams observe and monitor the use of UAS in the field to confirm compliance with all government policies and ensure that established asset inventory controls are practiced.

Coordination: In collaboration with various stakeholders, we help coordinate UAS airspace requirements for access and scheduling.

Procurement: We develop, prepare, review, and evaluate technical specifications using ISO 9001 QMS processes for UAS.

Mission types:

  • Historical digital preservation in conjunction with State Historic Preservation Officers to preserve a record of assets scheduled for demolition
  • Asset inspections (rooftops and parking lots)
  • Low-altitude aerial orthophotos (runways and built infrastructure)
  • Utility infrastructure inspections (rooftops and communication and water towers)
  • Reality capture and detailed 3D building and structure models
Aaron Lawrence


  • 3D wireframes and meshes
  • Automated and semi-automated feature extraction
  • Colorized point clouds
  • Digital terrain models and contours
  • GIS datasets
  • Livestream videos
  • Traditional orthophotography

Carbonix, Woolpert Employ Drone to Collect Geospatial Data for Coal Mine Rehabilitation