Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Woolpert’s unmanned aircraft systems make it easier to acquire detailed spatial data over dangerous or inaccessible locations. We merge traditional data collection techniques with untraditional unmanned aircraft to provide robust UAS services. Capitalizing on internal capabilities and strategic partnerships, we optimize the entire UAS workflow—from sensor selection, calibration and collection to processing and dissemination.

Woolpert fuses UAS data with complementary geospatial products. We collaborate at the federal level on policy, safety and operations. This benefits industries across the country. We are bridging the gap between industry operations and FAA/federal policy.


  • 3D wireframes and meshes
  • Automated and semi-automated feature extraction
  • Colorized point clouds
  • Digital terrain models and contours
  • GIS datasets
  • Livestream videos
  • Traditional orthophotography
  • Virtual reality fly-throughs