Advanced Sensor Development

Meet Bulldog, Woolpert’s next-generation, topo-bathy lidar sensor. Designed to simultaneously collect both topographic and bathymetric measurements, Bulldog merges the most-desirable features of traditional topographic and bathymetric lidar sensors to capture accurate data over a variety of coastal environments.

Bulldog operates with faster collection rates and at higher altitudes than traditional airborne bathymetric lidar sensors to capture below-water data that topographic sensors miss. The proprietary sensor provides precise locations of underwater obstacles, including bottom objects and potential subsurface transit corridors. Additionally, it accurately detects the underwater topography of coastal littorals, rivers with ports and river entrances, all while providing exact 3D map locations of surrounding inland ground features.

This patented, rapid-collection sensor supports both civilian and military mapping missions/applications with real-time, first-look 3D lidar and precise elevation data from a wide area of interest.


Nathan Hopper, PhD.


Mike Harper

Key Characteristics

  • High altitude
  • Large swaths
  • Multispectral channel system
  • Hybrid detector system
  • On-board processing