Mining and Resources

Your spatial information partner from exploration to rehabilitation

An industry-leading geospatial solutions specialist with project teams and experience circling the globe, Woolpert helps mining clients boost productivity, maintain compliance, reduce costs, and ensure safety throughout the complete mining life cycle.

We offer a wide range of advanced geospatial services and technologies to meet every operation's variety of monitoring needs.


Environmental, Social, Governance Monitoring

  • Annual baseline assessments delineating changes
  • Rehabilitation and vegetation monitoring
  • Dumping and wastewater monitoring
  • Illegal mining and population encroachment

Operational Services

  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly asset management reporting
  • Stockpile monitoring
  • Audit reporting

Surface Movement Monitoring

  • Accurate surface movement
  • Vertical, horizontal, and velocity change detection
  • Bi-weekly repeat cycles possible, ideal for TSF and subsidence risk monitoring

Water, Tailings, and Moisture Monitoring

  • Surface movement detection
  • Vegetation and soil moisture change
  • Freeboard measurement
  • Pond monitoring
  • Dumping and wastewater monitoring
  • Surface water change detection
Cecelia Hattingh

Geospatial Services


  • As-built surveys of new and existing structures
  • Benchmark for compliance and environmental impact
  • Change monitoring
  • Digital twin development
  • Mine permits and licenses
  • Monitor assets and risk potential
  • Process closures and plan reclamations
  • Site-specific infrastructure monitoring
  • Spatial control networks for complete site control
  • Stockpile and volume management
  • Target, assess and model mines and conditions
  • Virtual mine models and site visualization
  • Water management and storage capacity determination

    Single compliance view
    Stay compliant with accurate benchmarks against site design rules.

    Faster turnaround
    Make faster decisions with data processed in the cloud with AI to deliver faster and feed into internal tools.

    People-first safety
    360º site visualizations, perfect for safety inductions and site training.

    Mine Life Cycle Services