On-site Support

Certain complex projects demand a consultant’s presence on a constant basis. Enter Woolpert’s on-site support services. We provide staff to augment the client’s team on a daily, on-location, face-to-face basis. Few firms have the skills and organizational depth to successfully manage personnel at remote client locations, but at Woolpert, it’s an everyday part of our business.

Experience has taught us that keeping on-site personnel focused on the technical tasks at hand provides you with the results you need, when you need them. Your projects run more smoothly, remain on schedule and stay within budget. The two-way communication between our on-site staff and off-site project managers quickly facilitates problem resolution and increases our responsiveness to your needs. This direct line of communication also helps on-site personnel develop a detailed understanding of project requirements and expectations while preventing any confusion in the interpretation of contract activities. Backed by the comprehensive experience of the firm as a whole, Woolpert on-site staff provides clients with efficient geospatial support for projects.


  • Air Force installation support
  • Content management support
  • Enterprise installation imagery and lidar data collection
  • Operations support
  • PMO systems support
  • Program support
  • Strategy support
  • Supply chain risk management support