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A leading provider of shallow-water lidar bathymetry and full-depth range sonar bathymetry, Woolpert’s making waves by mapping much of the planet’s more than 372,000 miles of coastline. We are known for fast mobilization, dependable operations and accurate data.

Our agile team of hydrographers, surveyors and GIS professionals use state-of-the-art technologies to create seamless topographic products in the coastal zone and inland riverine environments. From chart data inputs and classified point clouds to digital elevation models and identified feature classes, these geospatial products support applications such as:

  • Coastal and riverine engineering
  • Coastal and riverine resilience
  • Critical infrastructure design and assessing
  • Habitat modeling and assessing
  • Nautical charting
  • Regional sediment management

Woolpert collects maritime data using vessel-based sonar systems, manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft and satellite systems. We work across the globe, launching our in-house fleet of aircraft, boats, sensors and survey platforms from the U.S. and Canada. When needed, rely on our network of trusted local providers to source commercial survey platforms and vessels of opportunity.

Project Spotlight

Bathymetric Lidar for Waterway Management

Barrow Erosion Survey

IDIQ Survey of Akutan Boat Harbor

Hydrographic Survey of Proposed Deep-Draft Port

Bathymetric Survey of Vigor Shipyards

Bathymetry of Lake Michigan Revetment

Hydrographic Survey of USS Arizona Shipwreck

Dutch Harbor Geophysical Survey

Trans Bay Cable Route Analysis

Napa River Tidal Datum Development

Shoalwater Dune Restoration Hydrographic Survey

San Francisco Bay Control Benchmarks


Dave Neff


  • Shallow- and deep-channel bathymetric lidar and reflectance imagery
  • Scanning sonar point clouds and imagery
  • Multibeam bathymetry and backscatter
  • Single-beam bathymetry
  • Acoustic Doppler current profiler surveys
  • Aerial imagery
  • Satellite-derived bathymetry and imagery
  • GNSS and conventional control surveys
  • Side-scan sonar
  • Tidal datum determination
  • Vessel-based mobile lidar
  • Sub-bottom profiler



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