Carbon Reduction

Woolpert has pledged the AIA 2030 Commitment and is committed to carbon-neutrality in our Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. We approach each of our projects with a sustainability mindset: protect the environment while delivering the highest quality product to our clients.

We have implemented sustainable practices in our offices as championed by the local staff for at least two decades, with strong corporate level support. Some of our current practices include using recycled paper for all in house printing, composting centers to reduce waste to landfills at several offices, and all offices have filtered water dispensers to encourage reusable water bottles instead of single use plastics or paper products. We offer and even encourage telecommuting and work from home options to staff and embrace on-line communication and training to both minimize carbon footprint and enable teamwork across geographies. As a result, we have been able to reduce the number of physical offices out of which we operate. We provide bike racks, showers and changing rooms in our Dayton, Ohio, headquarters to facilitate biking to work. We have implemented LEED certification, LED lighting retrofit, and installed smart thermostats in various offices. Thanks to an employee initiative, our Columbus, Ohio, office is a “Green Spot,” recognized by the City of Columbus, and our Dayton, Ohio, office is a “Certified Green Business,” recognized by the Dayton Regional Green (DRG) initiative. We are continuously working to find opportunities to reduce material waste, energy, and water usage in our operations.

Woolpert commits to carbon-neutrality in our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. [Following international protocols for greenhouse gas accounting, scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources. Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy. Scope 3 emissions are all indirect emissions (not included in scope 2) that occur in the value chain of the reporting company.] In order to achieve this, we are renewing intentionality around a Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) including an accounting of our GHG footprint. By working with our office and fleet managers and our building and property managers, we are pursuing opportunities to reduce GHG emissions from:

  • Our offices (scope 1 emissions)
  • Our fleet vehicles and airplanes (scope 1 emissions)
  • Our travel (scope 3 emissions)
  • Our on- and off-site data storage practices (scope 3 emissions)
  • Physical storage (scope 3 emissions)
  • The buildings we design

The effort to improve our own office environments and business practices to carbon neutrality is synergistic with our Great Places to Work and wellness programs and fully aligned with our Woolpert culture. We seek every opportunity to demonstrate the natural synergies that exist between workplace health and culture and meeting environmental commitments.