Help users discover the world with rich details for over 100 million points of interest

100 million


Build with comprehensive points of interest data.

25 million

updates daily

Count on accurate, real-time location information.

1 billion

monthly active users

Scale confidently, backed by our infrastructure.

Help your users explore the world around them

Give your users the information they need to plan a trip to Tokyo or choose a ramen restaurant in their neighborhood. With Places, you can provide users data on location names, addresses, ratings, reviews, contact information, and atmosphere. Local guides and users submit tens of millions of updates every day, so you can count on accurate, reliable information.


Provide better services with precise location intelligence

Avoid missed pickups by sending your drivers to precise addresses based on users’ reported location. Make it easier for users to enter correct billing and shipping information by automatically suggesting addresses as they type. When you use our powerful geolocation and geocoding features in combination with up-to-date Places data, you can get your users the information they need, right when they need it.

Build with comprehensive location data all over the globe

Use details on over 100 million places and points of interest to help users find you, attract customers with reviews, and even help detect fraud. Whether you do business in Barcelona or Baltimore, you can count on the same high-quality Google Maps experiences your users know and love.


Rely on Google scale as you grow

When you build on the same infrastructure that serves billions of Google Maps’ users, you can count on a platform that will scale and flex as you do. On our secure, future-proof infrastructure, you can grow from prototype to planet-scale without having to think about capacity, reliability, or performance.


Place Details

Provide names, addresses, and other rich details like ratings, reviews, or contact information for over 100 million places.

Current Place

Identify a place based on real-time signals like time of day or user location.

Find Place

Turn a phone number, address, or name into a place.


Automatically return location suggestions while users type.


Convert addresses to geographic coordinates, or the reverse.


Return the precise location of a device based on Wi-Fi or cell towers.

Time Zone

Return a time zone for any location.


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