A Fine-Tuned Plan: Meeting the Increased Demand for Outdoor Play

Woolpert Vice President Andrew Pack penned this cover story for the November issue of PRB: Parks and Rec Business Magazine. The article draws from master planning projects with the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District in Ohio and North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County and city of Belmont. In it, Woolpert Senior Landscape Architect and Design Director Bruce Rankin and parks and recreation representatives from these organizations and regions share how master planning and partnerships are key to supporting a community's evolving wants and needs.

“With any master plan, it’s a living, breathing document. They’re not just a static document meant to be followed to the tee,” said Eric Stechschulte, MWCD deputy chief of planning and projects. “Our plan gave us a good foundation and a roadmap going forward that we’ve worked off of ever since, and it’s been a very good tool for us.”

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