App Modernization: Break Free from the Data Center and Embrace the Cloud

In a previous installment of our Practical Cloud Journey series, we discussed the value DevOps practices can bring to managing applications and infrastructure. This month, Woolpert’s Chris Morabito and Nate Wilhelmi talk about how to put those ideas into practice.

Many organizations are leaving behind their data centers in favor of cloud infrastructure. But moving an application that has lived in your data center for years to the cloud can be daunting. To reap the promised benefits of cloud technology, you may need to re-architect your application. Should you take on that risk? And how do you effectively manage those changes?

In this audiocast, Chris shares Woolpert’s experience in moving one of its business-critical applications from our data center to the cloud. He describes how Woolpert took an application with little-to-no DevOps practices in place and began to infuse it with better approaches. This journey illustrates how implementing a good strategy for evolving your architecture over time can make managing your system easier and deliver real business value.

A Practical Cloud Journey 2021 Blog Series

Chris Morabito

Chris Morabito is a software engineer who discovered a passion for maps early in his career as a computer scientist. He serves Woolpert’s Google Maps team as a Google Maps and Cloud Engineer and is certified as a Google Cloud Professional.

Nathan Wilhelmi

Nate Wilhelmi is the lead site reliability engineer for Woolpert Cloud Solutions. He is a Google Professional Cloud Architect, network engineer and security engineer.

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