CARES Act Funding Can Help Cities, Counties Prepare for the Unknown

CARES Act funding is set to expire at the end of the year. While the special legislation aimed at assisting local governments during the pandemic may be extended, there’s still time to apply and receive those funds before Dec. 31.

Woolpert is working with counties and municipalities across the U.S. to utilize CARES Act funding in support of creating more efficient and cost-effective work environments. As offices have closed and social distancing measures have impacted virtually all industries, people are learning how to complete tasks remotely, both from home and in the field. Technological advances are enabling local governments to continue working with residents, developers and other parties without in-person exchanges.

Developers, for instance, can now subvert often cumbersome application processes for construction projects and permitting by remotely filing paperwork through document management systems. Planning review software can be used to record and communicate markups and revisions to plans, enabling developers to coordinate updates digitally with city and county officials. These front-end tools significantly reduce the need for printing multiple copies of documents and make visits to city and county offices unnecessary.

In the teleworking environment with smartphones, laptops and tablets, city and county workers who are in the field to maintain and manage infrastructure can receive work orders, go directly to work sites and provide status updates on projects, all without having to visit the office at the end of the day to fill out paperwork.

The quarantine measures implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have forced local governments, businesses and organizations to adjust and adapt their operations on the fly. With all the changes in day-to-day life that have occurred these past several months, organizational leaders are recognizing the need to be prepared and to strategically plan for future, potentially catastrophic events, such as pandemics and natural disasters.

Woolpert can help local governments apply for CARES Act funding while it’s still available. Our team also can assess an organization’s current operations and facilities to find unrealized efficiencies, identify optimal solutions and best prepare that organization for unforeseen events.

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Jen Kouns

Woolpert Technology Services Market Director Jen Kouns, PMP, IAM, is a subject matter expert in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and GIS.