Common Mistakes with Mapping Platforms Blog Series
Google Blog #3: Prioritizing Cost Over Value


In the third and final blog of my Common Mistakes with Mapping Platforms series, I’m focusing on why prioritizing value over cost is so vital to the success of your mapping platform.

Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mapping platform, it is necessary to research the options best suited to your organization’s specific needs. All too often, I see companies limit their evaluation to only low-cost options, bypassing more expensive options with better functionality. To truly be useful, a mapping platform must deliver real business value, and inexpensive options do not always provide the best return on investment.

The geospatial industry has grown from a niche service offering to a pervasive need. Every day, location intelligence empowers organizations to work smarter and more efficiently, and map platforms run the gamut from free, basic products to enterprise-grade GIS suites. It is imperative that you explore all of the options and use mapping experts to identify what your organization needs to succeed. Knowing which product/solution will provide the greatest return is critical to maintaining your organization’s competitive edge.

The Google Difference
Many customers report that the Google Maps platform adds real value to their bottom line. Increases in customer satisfaction, productivity and other tangible business improvements leads customers to build solutions with Google Maps APIs. Often businesses that start with a single use case end up building out many other uses because of these improvements.

How Woolpert Fits In
Woolpert uses a flexible and personalized consulting approach to determine the best mapping platform option for each individual client. When a basic offering will fit the bill, we don’t hesitate to recommend that or guide the set up. And because we offer a comprehensive account management process, we can also provide the guidance needed when a client requires an enterprise-grade suite. We will partner with you to select the best investment and build the best solution for your business needs.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for a copy of our latest guide, Three Common Mistakes Senior Leaders Make with Mapping Platforms.


Chris Morabito

Chris Morabito is a software engineer who found a passion for maps early in his career as a computer scientist. He contributes to many R&D projects at Woolpert and specializes in building innovative geospatial solutions that leverage a variety of technologies. Chris keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest geospatial software—especially in the open-source community. He serves our Google Maps team as a development specialist and is a certified Google Cloud Professional. When he’s not coding, Chris loves to cook and makes a killer cinnamon roll!


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