G Suite: App Suite, Sweet Platform

Back in 2006, Google created G Suite, an innovative collection of business applications for organizations of all sizes. At the time, it was called Google Apps for Your Domain, and since then, along with several name changes, G Suite has evolved as expected for any software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

From SaaS to Platform
Let’s be clear—G Suite is not just a SaaS product. As with many seasoned SaaS products, G Suite naturally evolved into a platform that enables enterprise and third-party communities to extend and enhance the power of the software. In fact, Salesforce, a SaaS pioneer, refers to its own customer relationship management product as a platform.

G Suite Developer Platform
The G Suite platform lives under the Google Cloud umbrella with Google Cloud Platform. G Suite has a strong presence on the Google Cloud page, and for good reason. Much like the Google Cloud Platform, G Suite offers developers many options, including APIs and libraries, development tools and marketing tools. Check out the G Suite Developer Platform page for more.

For the Enterprise
In all likelihood, most large enterprise IT departments already have familiarity with G Suite platform capabilities. However, keeping those possibilities front and center can be challenging for the IT development teams of firms already using G Suite. It is easy to forget that G Suite can be extended, partly because it does its job so well! Organizations already leveraging G Suite platform capabilities likely have had developer evangelists create cool enhancements or integrations.

For the Entrepreneur
G Suite Marketplace provides clear-cut evidence of G Suite platform possibilities. Not only does the Marketplace provide enterprise users and G Suite domain administrators with a wide selection of third-party applications already integrated with G Suite, but it also provides entrepreneurs with additional market channel opportunities.

Whether you have already adopted and love G Suite or are just beginning to consider G Suite for your enterprise, don’t forget that G Suite is a powerful platform that provides many opportunities for custom integration and third-party solutions.

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Jeff Morgan

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