Journey Into the Cloud

By Dylan Thomas

For decades, clients in the architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) industries have expected Woolpert to deliver innovative, reliable and maintainable solutions. Along the way, we have developed a deep understanding of the information technology tools and practices required to deliver impressive results for clients.

 We now see these consulting engagements as the beginnings of our own cloud journey.

Woolpert’s Journey into the Cloud

We began by building a sizable physical and virtual computer cluster to process the vast quantities of data that we collect on behalf of our clients. Then, we started hosting some of these clients’ data and applications in our own private cloud.

 In 2014, things accelerated rapidly when we began our relationship with the Google Maps team. Since then, our geospatial expertise and dedication to customer success has catapulted us to the 2017 Google Maps Partner of the Year, and we are a trusted partner for a large portfolio of customers.

Cloud Practice

Our history of delivering to clients naturally leads us to expand our cloud services and products. What exactly are Woolpert’s cloud solutions, and how can clients decide if we are the right partner for them? What can you expect from the Woolpert Cloud team?

  • Products and solutions that customers can subscribe to in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Think turnkey, hosted GIS or shared maps for all employees in your organization.
  • Customer-driven engagements adapted to your unique goals and requirements. Does your team need a two-day cloud acceleration workshop? Or an elastically scalable rewrite of an existing on-premise line-of-business application? We can also transform your workplace with new productivity tools.

 All these are delivered within the greater Woolpert context: hundreds of recognized leaders in AEG disciplines. We have cloud and AEG expertise.

 Accelerate Your Journey

It’s a rare CIO, CTO, IT director or similar leader who lacks a cloud strategy. Maybe you are taking an investigative approach by migrating one application as a test case, or perhaps you have a fully fledged public- and private-cloud strategy in progress. One thing is clear—the cloud is a key part of any present-day strategy.

 If you want to talk to AEG subject matter experts or former Googlers who lived the cloud life, then Woolpert would love to embark on that journey with you.

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas has the rare perspective of having worked for both Woolpert and Google. He manages Woolpert’s newly formed cloud product division and leads the strategy of the firm’s cloud options. He is excited to help clients learn how to operate in the brave new world of the cloud.