Strategic Opportunities, Tactics for Cloud-Based Solutions, Geospatial Visualization, MLOps

During our most recent episode of Woolpert’s audiocast series, which also is the latest installment in our Practical Cloud Journey blog series, we share some insights from our innovation team regarding their work with emerging technologies. These include best practices with machine learning operations (MLOps) and how to best leverage the power of some leaders in this space, including Google, Planet and Woolpert.

We talk through how the importance of MLOps cannot be overstated. By implementing best practices with MLOPs, you advocate in favor of monitoring, quality assurance and automation, ensuring systems are set up properly for the continued improvement and accuracy of data. We also highlight the benefits and accessibility of resources like Google Earth Engine, which combines a vast array of publicly available data that enables scientists, researchers and developers to map trends and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface.

Finally, we discuss the power of Planet, a leading provider of daily satellite data, and the company’s work with Google and Woolpert to elevate geospatial data applications, artificial intelligence capabilities, cloud-based workflows and much more.

A Practical Cloud Journey 2021 Blog Series

January: A Practical Cloud Journey

February: Designing a Solution

March: Transforming the Team

April: Build or Buy

May: Thinking in Platforms

June: Cost Awareness and Cost Control

July: Product, Cloud and the DevOps Mindset

August: Practical Steps to Cybersecurity

September: Strategic Opportunities in Machine Learning

October: Data Engineering and Data Science

November: App Modernization

December: Your Journey to the Cloud

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Matt Hutchinson
Woolpert Solutions Scientist Matt Hutchinson, Ph.D., recently returned to Woolpert after working as a sales engineer at Planet and as a geographer for the federal government. Hutchinson, an expert in the geospatial and satellite industries, earned his doctorate at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. The Woolpert associate works in Washington, D.C.


Chad Collins
Chad Collins is a cloud solutions architect who has been working for Woolpert since April. Collins collaborates with engineers and management teams to devise cloud-based solutions and develop data roadmaps for clients around the world. He works from his home office in San Diego.