The U.S. Military Relies on Woolpert to Deliver State-of-the-Art Facilities Worldwide

The U.S. military’s mission not only includes maintaining a constant state of readiness, but also responsibly managing its physical assets such as land, infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. Strict budgetary and scheduling requirements make this a challenging job. It requires a balance between traditional and state-of-the-art services and technologies. That’s why the military relies on Woolpert’s extensive experience and multidisciplinary capabilities for delivering complex, multiple-location projects. These facilities help the dedicated men and women of our armed forces perform their essential work at the highest level possible.

Each branch of the military is unique—Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corp. Additionally, each level has specific needs—from the Pentagon, Major Commands and Installations, to the Reserves and National Guard. Woolpert knows every building project poses unique challenges and opportunities.

David Ziegman, Military Market Director of Woolpert says, “We believe our work with sustainable and energy-saving design solutions, as well as advances in resilient design, will provide the military with high-performance buildings at a low life cycle cost. We’re improving the environment surrounding our military personnel and their families—at home, at school, and at work.”

Here are three of the military projects Woolpert is proud to be part of:

Barkley Elementary School, Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Barkley Elementary School is one of the first schools designed under the Department of Defense Education Activity’s new 21st-century education charter. The goal of the program is to create modern learning environments that support a wide range of educational and instructional techniques. Barkley Elementary will support 740 students in approximately 142,000 square feet of space. The school incorporates state-of-the-art sustainable design elements such as natural lighting, a geothermal HVAC system, a thermal envelope with very high insulation properties, and solar water heating. An energy dashboard, photovoltaic array, tubular daylighting, LEED signage, visible mechanical room and green roof area provide opportunities for students to interact with these sustainable systems, allowing the building itself to be used as a teaching tool.

Schools like Barkley Elementary allow service members to accomplish their mission, knowing their children are receiving a quality education in a world-class facility.

Real Property Master Plan Updates Planning and Programming Support, Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona

The U.S. Army Garrison Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) in Arizona is one of the largest military installations in the world. Tests on nearly every weapon system in the ground combat arsenal are conducted at YPG. The installation also supports the freefall training of all U.S. military elite paratroopers, including all forms of special operators. These brave men and women are the best of the best, and the real property master plan (RPMP) for this state-of-the art facility ensures this highly skilled force has the best possible environment for training.

“To fully involve garrison and mission representatives, the team scheduled four two-week visits and hosted intensive charrette workshops for each area of YPG,” explained Joe Zumwald, Woolpert Program Director. “The individual areas, each with its own unique mission within the more than 834,000-acre garrison, led to challenging coordination and perspectives, as a plan for each came into focus. Each individual plan was seamlessly integrated into the comprehensive plan that allows YPG to thrive.”

Customer Concept Documents for Guardian Angel Facility, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida

Patrick AFB’s new Guardian Angel Facility will provide operations, training, and logistics support areas for this essential personnel recovery and humanitarian force. Since September 11, 2001, the elite warriors that comprise Guardian Angels have conducted over 12,000 lifesaving and combat rescue missions. They have also been called upon to lead the rescue of over 5,000 civilians worldwide during catastrophic natural disasters and other humanitarian responses. Such an essential force deserves a first class operations and training facility so they can continue to meet this critical mission.

Sustainability principles, including life cycle cost-effective practices, will be integrated into the design, development, and construction phases of the new Guardian Angel Facility. When complete, the project will meet all military guidelines for civil, MEP, fire protection, and structural engineering, as well as anti-terrorism/force protection standards and green building objectives.

Woolpert is a cutting-edge firm with expertise and experience in a full range of disciplines, including sustainable design, LEED certification, and energy modeling. We are proud to have had a hand in these groundbreaking projects that help the men and women of the U.S. military satisfy their mission. Our full array of planning, design, programming, and engineering services can help you meet all codes, maximize value, and lead your project to success. To learn more, visit today.