What's a Woolpert? - Episode 10: Culture Board

So, What’s a Woolpert anyway?

It’s not a what, but a who. Specifically, it is the collection of whos that comprise Woolpert—the premier architecture, engineering, and geospatial (AEG) firm.

What’s a Woolpert enables our thought leaders to add insight to current events and perspective to new technologies that impact the natural, built, and social environments around us. From water legislation to turf systems, satellite advancements to the buzz of AI, join us as we share work and personal experiences, connect the dots within our increasingly interconnected world, and brainstorm solutions to widespread challenges so we can all get smarter together.

Don’t know about you, but for many of us, 2024 took off like a shot. We’re kicking off this year’s podcasts today by sharing a quick chat with members of our 2024 Culture Board. These outstanding individuals were nominated by staff throughout the company and selected by leadership for their representation of Woolpert's six core values. The team spans three continents, with half of its members coming to Woolpert through acquisitions.

The 2024 Culture Board includes Industry-Leading Megan Blaskovich, Progressive Daniel Kruimel, Supportive Christelle Ferreira, Focused Todd Ford, Balanced Jorge Torres, and High-Performing Zach Shuman. This group has already begun working together to advance culture for every member of the Woolpack and to ensure that Woolpert is an employer of choice.

As Zach shared, “I think what we have planned for the year will make a pretty lasting impact at a crucial time in Woolpert’s culture.”