Woolpert Awarded $5.4M Contract to Provide Stormwater Management, Compliance Support for SCDOT Statewide

The five-year contract will support the regulation of stormwater quality throughout South Carolina.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Jan. 4, 2024) — The South Carolina Department of Transportation has selected Woolpert to provide compliance services under a five-year, $5.4 million contract supporting SCDOT’s municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) program. MS4 permits are designed to prevent stormwater runoff from funneling harmful pollutants into local surface waters. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System’s stormwater program regulates stormwater discharges from sources including MS4s, construction, and industrial activities.

Under this contract, Woolpert will provide services throughout the state related to every aspect of stormwater management, including the development of stormwater quality design standards and specifications, illicit discharge detection and elimination, erosion and sediment control, post-construction water quality, monitoring, and public education.

Woolpert Vice President and Program Director Brian Bates said that the latest contract is the continuation of a long-term working relationship. Woolpert has been providing geospatial and engineering services for SCDOT since 2005, including the development of compliancy standards and manuals, monitoring and illicit discharge detection, and outfall inventory programs.

“Woolpert is extremely proud to have served the South Carolina Department of Transportation for the last 18 years and we look forward to continuing our commitment to the state,” Bates said. “The standards and specifications developed under this contract will not only have an exponential impact on current and future development projects, but will contribute to the greater good of the environment to benefit residents throughout South Carolina.”

The standards will be publicly available and used by other local and state agencies as part of their permitting processes and South Carolina’s statewide commitment to using best management practices to trap pollutants and prevent pollution by controlling stormwater quality at its source.

“Together, SCDOT and Woolpert have developed an MS4 program for the state of South Carolina that is one of the best in the nation,” SCDOT Stormwater Manager Jackie Williams said. “A tremendous body of work was accomplished in the past 18 years that would not have been possible without the brilliant and dedicated Woolpert staff. The SCDOT stormwater section is extremely appreciative of the engineers at Woolpert who have become more than contracted consultants, they are valued partners and friends.”

The contract is currently underway.

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