Woolpert Contracted by SCDOT to Provide Statewide, On-Call Photogrammetric Services

The firm will deliver aerial and mobile mapping lidar data, ground control survey and UAS services.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Nov. 17, 2021) — The South Carolina Department of Transportation has selected Woolpert to provide on-call photogrammetry, survey, mobile mapping and unmanned aircraft system services statewide under a three-year, $10 million capacity contract. The data collected by Woolpert and other firms named in this contract will support roadway and bridge design and construction projects throughout South Carolina.

Woolpert Geospatial Project Manager Derrick Barnhill said the firm’s advanced and integrated geospatial and engineering capabilities mirror the diverse requirements of this contract.

“From our extensive work with aerial and mobile lidar collections to geospatial ground control to highway and bridge design to UAS, we are able to comprehensively address the needs of SCDOT,” Barnhill said. “SCDOT is a forward-thinking agency that continues to expand the use of proven and progressive technologies to best protect drivers throughout the state. We’re very happy to support however we can.”

Barnhill said SCDOT’s 10-year plan, funded by a 2017 state gas tax increase, is being used to make consistent and significant strides in transportation safety across the state.

“SCDOT is using the $1 billion of new tax revenue from this plan to redesign and repair highways, replace structurally deficient bridges, resurface roads, widen interstates, etc.,” Barnhill said. “This is a highly effective application of taxpayer funds that will address the urgent need for improved infrastructure.”

Woolpert is currently providing statewide photogrammetry, mapping, surveying and UAS services to multiple states and transportation departments across the country. Woolpert Roads and Bridges Market Director Judi Craig said this contract with SCDOT extends Woolpert’s support of the nation’s road and highway system and augments its robust architecture, engineering and geospatial presence, specifically in South Carolina, where the firm has three offices.

“Our water market in particular has been expertly serving SCDOT and South Carolina for decades, providing stormwater management, water quality monitoring, regulatory compliance, floodplain mapping and more,” Craig said. “We’re honored to be selected by SCDOT for this photogrammetry contract and to continue to expand the service offerings we provide to them. We look forward to supporting South Carolina on a wide range of infrastructure improvements for years to come.”

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