Woolpert Contracted to Acquire Orthoimagery for the State of Ohio

The data is vital in addressing economic development, infrastructure, conservation, and emergency response planning needs.

DAYTON, Ohio (July 9, 2024) — The state of Ohio has tasked Woolpert with acquiring orthoimagery for its Ohio Statewide Imagery and Remote Sensing Program (OSIP) under a four-year contract. The data, collected as part of OSIP’s Statewide Imagery and Remote Sensing Data Acquisition Project, will support a range of uses, including economic development, infrastructure, conservation, and emergency response planning.

The data will be provided to all 88 Ohio counties and be available for download by the public. State and local government agencies will be able to obtain additional product enhancements through the state's Cooperative Purchase Agreement Program.

OSIP, originally established to provide high-resolution imagery and elevation data, has evolved as geospatial technology has advanced, incorporating orthoimagery, aerial lidar, traditional photogrammetric, and remote sensing capabilities specific to statewide needs. Woolpert has provided data acquisition services for all four iterations of OSIP since the program’s inception in 2006.

Under this most recent contract, Woolpert will deliver three-band natural color digital orthoimagery and establish additional optional services for state agencies and local governments, including enhanced high-resolution digital orthoimagery, lidar, and photogrammetric feature extraction services.

Woolpert Vice President and Program Director Brian Stevens said that the demand for additional solutions is primarily driven by local governments that rely on geospatial data to perform day-to-day operations. Ohio leads the nation in percentage of local governments participating in state-led geospatial programs.

“Maintaining accurate and current statewide orthoimagery and aerial lidar datasets is crucial not only for day-to-day business, but also the long-term health of the state’s economy, development, safety to its citizens, and planning,” Stevens said. “It’s been an honor to help support OSIP and its development over the years. Ohio’s leadership has firsthand knowledge of how valuable current, accurate geospatial data is at both state and local government levels, and we are honored to support this next chapter for its imagery and remote sensing program.”

The contract is underway, with acquisition of aerial imagery to begin during the spring of 2025.

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