Woolpert Contracted to Provide Aviation Safety, Advocacy, and GIS Modernization Services for the State of Alaska

The $1.5 million contract will support aviation safety improvements and digitization projects statewide, including the development of the Alaska Aviation System.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (May 24, 2024) — The state of Alaska has awarded Woolpert a three-year, $1.5 million contract to provide statewide aviation safety, advocacy, and GIS modernization services.

The contract will support significant advancements in aviation safety for the state, including the full digitization of weather information, pilot communications, and flight planning to provide real-time information for pilots and dispatchers.

This contract is an expansion of services provided under an advanced air mobility infrastructure analysis contract completed last year. Woolpert Program Director Greg Dyer said that the expansion will support the development of the Alaska Aviation System Plan (AASP).

“Under this new contract, we’ll be building executable plans in response to issues identified during last year’s gap analysis contract,” Dyer said. “By leveraging Woolpert’s GIS and air traffic control expertise, we are now focused on helping Alaska take its next steps in modernizing its aviation infrastructure, enhancing statewide operational efficiency, and formulating the best possible service for its aviators, both commercial and private.”

Woolpert also will support the development of real-time GIS dashboards designed to help enhance transparency among Alaska’s aviation advocacy stakeholders including the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Alaska Airmen's Association, Alaska Air Carriers, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

“We will be assisting with the planning, design, and preliminary stages of a real-time outage reporting system created in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration and in alignment with Alaska's statewide aviation goals,” Dyer said. “We are incredibly proud and excited to continue our work supporting the great state of Alaska and the future of its growing and vital aviation infrastructure.”

The contract is underway.

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