Project Details

Ohio Air National Guard (ANG)

Springfield ANG Base at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport, OH


Base security was compromised when operations at the Springfield ANG location outgrew the original controlled perimeter. To correct this security deficit, the ANG determined to relocate the main gate and develop an enlarged, controlled perimeter around all base facilities. Woolpert was selected to provide full architecture and engineering services for the $1.5-million project.

Woolpert was challenged to design an attractive and functional base entrance while meeting the very technical control requirements of Department of Defense security standards. Woolpert’s final design meets all operational requirements for 24-hour manning while supplying a safe, secure and comfortable environment for the guards.  All windows and doors are equipped with level-5 bullet-resistant glass, and the reinforced masonry structure with heavy steel frame is capped by a standing seam metal roof.  Flaring out dramatically, the guard station’s round tube steel truss canopy is covered with tension fabric on the upper truss chords, serving to both improve aesthetics and reduce the facility’s utilitarian look.  Additional security features include security lighting and standoff distance from all facilities, provisions for a final barrier prior to entering the military area and all force protection measures required by anti-terrorism/force protection standards. Through sustainable design practices, including the use of LED lighting, the relocated entry point facility exceeds ASHRAE standards for energy consumption by 30%.