City of Columbia Water Quality Monitoring


In response to total maximum daily load (TMDL) requirements in Columbia’s NPDES Phase I MS4 permit, the city selected Woolpert to develop and implement a water quality monitoring program for select watersheds. The Woolpert-designed, comprehensive program included the implementation of a permanent monitoring network that incorporates various water quality sensors, rainfall gauges, stage/flow information, remote telemetry and supplementary manual grab sampling.

The water quality monitoring program has enabled the city to thoroughly evaluate current baseline stream conditions and identify potential pollutant sources within and/or outside the city. Additionally, it is now possible to assess long-term improvements in water quality due to the implementation of various best management practices. The rainfall data likely will be useful for a range of other city applications, while data from the monitoring network may support flood plain model calibration, illicit discharge tracking and emergency response.

City of Columbia

Columbia, SC