Colorado Springs Airport (COS) Runway Decoupling


The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) selected Woolpert through a competitive process to conduct a full Airport Master Plan (AMP) update in 2020.The airport initiated this project to ensure its planning goals and vision reflected the rapid growth the City of Colorado Springs has experienced since the last planning project was completed in 2017. The Woolpert team is working with COS to ensure FAA design standards were met and so that proposed landside and airside improvements remained eligible for future federal airport improvement grants.

Among several key issues was the evaluation of the design of Runway 17R-35L to address Hot Spot #1 by decoupling the Runway 13-31 and 17R-35L intersection. Woolpert identified the types of aircraft expected to operate at the Airport with special attention paid to the critical aircraft and their runway requirements. The decoupling of the airfield from the crosswind runway in consideration of the parallel runways relieved dependency on one runway to another and enhanced airfield capacity. An important element of this task was gathering input from key users, such as Peterson Air Force Base, the FAA ATCT, and Airport Management.   

Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

Colorado Springs, CO