DIJ Airport Master Plan and Environmental Assessment


The city of Driggs hired Woolpert to create a new master plan to manage, promote, and improve the airport for the educational and economic benefit of the community. The last airport master plan for DIJ was prepared in 2012. The FAA required a new plan to ensure FAA design standards were met so that proposed airside improvements remain eligible for future federal airport improvement grants. A carefully developed forecast and well-justified critical aircraft determination was approved by the FAA. The master plan included a robust level of development to meet the growing demand for small and corporate general aviation users. The following recommendations were produced by the master plan through extensive project advisory, airport board and public involvement:

  • Crosswind turf runway designed to improve wind coverage and remove an alternative grass landing area
  • 1,900-foot runway shift intended to address design standard non-compliance and reduce noise over sensitive residential areas
  • Hangar “neighborhood” development areas with the addition of over 200 hangars of various sizes to meet a wide-ranging tenant base
  • Promotion of ongoing, through-the-fence operations designed to combine area residents with airport access
  • Acquisition with neighboring properties to promote airport development and address safety and noise concerns
  • Infill development to maximize revenue and use of available on-airport property

As a testament to the acceptance of this plan, the city and FAA have started the environmental assessment to acquire the property necessary to accommodate the runway shift noted above. The master plan developed for DIJ represents long-term development options for the city to pursue as developers, businesses, and potential tenants continue to seek to operate at the airport. Woolpert created this extensive plan to provide city decision-makers with flexible solutions beyond the 20-year horizon.

Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (DIJ)

Driggs, ID