Project Details

Duke University

Durham, NC


Universities throughout the United States continue to grow in an effort to educate the larger population of today. Many colleges must address problems that they encounter with their utility systems on campus as a larger student population adds stress to aged systems. Woolpert was selected by Duke University to perform a comprehensive utility study to measure future needs and accommodate current enrollment as well as growing numbers in the future.

The Duke University Utility Master Plan included a comprehensive study of the steam, chilled water and electric systems on campus. Additional studies of the capacities of the existing sanitary systems also provided input to the university utility planners. Campus growth projections have identified the need for additional generation capacity for each of the three energy utilities. Recommendations were then categorized into immediate needs and long-term planning alternatives. Further, a life cycle cost analysis model was developed for evaluation of the alternatives. As a result of this master plan and its associated alternatives for efficiency, Duke University is prepared to address its utility concerns and absorb the growing demands place on them for years to come.

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